10 Ways To Tell You’re In Love With The Right Person

We have all met those couples who inspire us to be better. The way they look and speak to each other leaves you wanting to follow them around so you can learn best practices and apply them to your own life.

Relationships are tricky things. Sometimes they are difficult to navigate. Sometimes you’ve been in one too long to realize it’s not right. Sometimes you get so comfortable with unhappiness that you forget what happiness looks like, or don’t feel like you can do better.

But when you’re in the right relationship, everything is different. It’s the everyday simple and trivial interaction that makes the life for the two special. Without a strong foundation in the relationship, everything begins to fall apart and each one leads to a separate life. Strong couples know how to avoid that scenario. It’s good to have clear signs that you’re in the right relationship, and it’s also good to have tasks that you can work on to improve your relationship.

Here is a list of 10 things you two are naturally doing that means you are meant to be:

#1. You spend time together doing things you both enjoy

It’s great to do what he likes. It’s great to do what she likes. But what’s even better is to find things you both like, and to do them together. It took us nearly four years of marriage to really find things that we both like.

#2. You can be vulnerable around him

You may be strong and intelligent. But you are just human and he is worthy to show him when you are feeling the most vulnerable and raw.

#3. You maintain self-identity and respect each other

You celebrate being you. Your partner does the same. And you appreciate each other more for maintaining your self-identity. In the right relationship, both partners are nurtured to continuously improve and develop their “self.”

#4. You each have your own friends and share friends too

Some of my friends are in relationships where they only have couple friends. Others only have their own sets of friends. When you’re in the right relationship, you find the balance between your social circle, your partner’s, and your shared circle. Missing any of those three elements may be a sign of concern.

#5. You share a passion for your future together

Ever met the guy who just isn’t interested in “settling down”? If you’re dating that guy, you’re doing yourself a disservice. In the right relationship, both partners are enthusiastic about a future together. And while not everything lasts forever, partners who share a vision for what their future entails are in a much better position than partners who don’t, or worse, don’t even discuss the topic.

#6. You are not intimidated or shy to disagree with him

You may never agree 100 percent but you know how to argue your point of view and know he will listen and respect your opinion.

#7. You laugh together

It’s one thing to have a good sense of humor, it’s another when you make each other laugh to the point where your belly aches and you have tears streaming down your face.

#8. You have chemistry together

You may have fallen for the guy who was not your usual type but together you make sense.

#9. You can have complete silence around him

Neither of you has to say anything. You don’t need to talk to fill in space or time. You are both comfortable with the silence.


#10. You can be you

You don’t have to worry that he is going to judge you for liking the Housewives of New Jersey. He knows the vulnerable, sweet, strong, independent, and quirky you. Most importantly, he wouldn’t change you for the world.